Outlook 2016 hangs on Macbook

If you run into the problem you can press and hold CTRL. while launching Outlook, to get it to start in safe mode. Then go into File--> Options --> Add-ins and disable the iCloud add-in by unselecting it in the Comm Add-ins panel. Close and relaunch Outlook normally.

I then opened the Control Panel for iCloud and unchecked the Mail with Outlook box, which has enabled Outlook to work again. The @me.com email account was gone when I checked the email accounts. I never needed to use the @me.com email account anyway.
First I killed at applications and process that were not necessary for Windows 7. (Don't think this made a difference, but it is what I did) I disabled the Outlook addin for iCloud, and opened Outlook to make sure it was working okay then closed it. Then, I opened Task Manager and killed the iCloud.exe process. Following that, I killed the AppleMobileDeviceService.exe. Then I restarted iCloud from the Control Panel. All of a sudden, two more processes started up that I never had before, the AppleOutlookDAVConfig.exe and ApplePhotoStreams.exe. And my iCloud control panel popped up on my screen just like it should. After a few seconds the AppleMobileDeviceService.exe started automatically. So, then I went into Outlook and reenabled the iCloud addin, and voila, it's working perfectly. It downloaded my calendar, contacts and everything as it should and the iCloud control panel comes up as it should.
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