Disable Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

With the introduction of Windows 10, and the free-upgrade time running out, Microsoft's upgrade notification has become more aggressive.  As any IT professional will tell you, performing major system upgrades can wreak havoc with your applications. Windows 10 is no exception and after the upgrade process, you may find the way you do things has changed so dramatically, or left certain applications non-functional, that you will long for the days of Windows 7.

This brief tutorial will help you to eliminate the intrusive upgrade notifications for Windows 10.  This will not affect anything else in your system, and you should continue to apply upgrades and patches to your current version of Windows.

First start with cleaning out the installation files that may have been downloaded. Click on the Start button, then type Disk, you should see an option for Disk Cleanup...click on that. You should now see a windows like this:

Once that is complete, you will see the following window:

Click on Clean up system files, it will show a window like you saw when you first started the Disk Cleanup, and when it is done, you will again have the 2nd window with check boxes showing additional options, and the Total amount of disk space you gain should increase significantly. You want to make sure temporary installation files is checked, click OK and it will remove the Windows 10 installation files.

Next, we want to uninstall the Get Windows 10 upgrade notification patch (GWX) KB 3035583. To do this, click on the start button, type Programs and select Programs and Features when it shows up in the search. 

You should see a windows similar to this...

Next, click on View installed updates, this will show you a list of all the updates that have been installed. This will be a large list, but you should be able to search for the update by typing KB3035583 in the search box at the top right.

Once you find the update, select it, then click uninstall.  After the uninstall has completed, you should check for new updates Start > All Programs > Windows Update. The previously uninstalled update should show up in the list, simply right click on it and select Hide Update.

Finally, you will need to disable the Windows 10 upgrades. To do this requires two simple modifications to your registry. The files you will need are located here: http://www.matco.net/files/DisableWindows10/ and they are attached to this FAQ.

You should see the following screen:
Right click on both files and select Save link as...then save them to a location on your PC. Once they are local, right click on them and select Merge. It will ask you to confirm, and once you do for both files, you are done. A simple reboot of your laptop and you should be all set...no more pesky Windows 10 upgrade notifications!


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